Interdisciplinary Studies, BA, Ethnic and Area Studies Concentration

Office: Humanities Office Building (HOB) 121

Phone: (661) 654-2166


Program Description

The Interdisciplinary Studies Programs at CSUB allow students to examine concepts, issues, and perspectives that cross traditional boundaries of study, and to combine elements of distinct disciplines in a unique way. CSUB offers three Interdisciplinary Studies concentrations:

  1. General Studies where students create their own program of study drawing on at least two different departments;
  2. Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies;
  3. Ethnic and Area Studies.

Interdisciplinary Studies, BA Program Goals and Objectives

Goal I: Students will develop broad, integrative knowledge.

  1. Students will analyze complex issues, which integrate foundational knowledge, values, and methods from two or more disciplines.

Goal II: Students will develop cross-disciplinary skills.

  1. Students will communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, in and across disciplinary styles and for various audiences and contexts.
  2. Students will, as individual researchers/scholars as well as in collaboration with others, solve or creatively respond to a current complex problem drawing on two or more disciplinary approaches.

Goal III: Students in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies or Ethnic and Area Studies will apply an interdisciplinary approach.

  1. Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies students will apply feminist and other critical perspectives to examine the ways that gender intersects with race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, nationality, disability, and other facets of embodiment.
  2. Ethnic and Area Studies students will apply an interdisciplinary approach to the comparative, intersectional, and relational study of African Americans, Asian Americans, Chicana/os-Latinas/os, and American Indians within local, regional, (trans)-national, and global contexts.