Physics, BS

Program Description

The Physics program serves multiple roles in the College’s educational system. Not only does it prepare students for advanced study and professional work in physics and other physical sciences such as geophysics, atmospheric physics, astronomy, etc., but it also provides the necessary education in physics for students of other sciences.

In view of the highly technological nature of the society in which we live, the department also places high priority on the education of the non-science student. The Physics program faculty participate in teaching the SCI courses, which are designed to help these students achieve an understanding of the methods and goals of science and to provide them an opportunity to seriously consider and discuss important socio-scientific-technological questions.

Although the minimum degree requirements are stated below, majors in Physics who plan to pursue careers as professional physicists are advised to take additional physics and mathematics courses. Members of the Physics faculty will be pleased to provide counseling on recommended programs to any students who may wish to pursue this major. For student learning objectives and more information, visit our website at