Agricultural Business, BS

The Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business prepares students for entry-level employment in the business management of the food and fiber sectors. Agricultural business includes the range of activities, from farming to retail sales of food (also known as ‘farm to fork’), that is integral to modern food production. 

The Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business is a ‘2+2’ program that combines core upper division undergraduate courses in agricultural business at CSUB, with lower division agricultural science and agricultural business foundation courses that can be completed at a community college. This degree enables students to enhance their foundation agricultural courses, completed at a community college, with upper division knowledge and skills so as to better prepare them for entry-level management positions in the agriculture and food sector.

The upper-division requirements provide knowledge and skills valued in all agricultural business (agribusiness) organizations, such as:

  1. communications skills,
  2. quantitative and evaluative skills,
  3. subject matter knowledge of agriculture and food sector, and
  4. integrative problem solving and decision-making.

The culminating experience for the major requires candidates to carry out a project that applies competencies developed within the major.