Public Health Minor

Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering (nsme)

Department Chair: Todd McBride

Phone: 661-654-2229


Requirements for the Minor in Public Health

A minor is not required for the degree but is available to other majors. The minimum requirement for the minor in Public Health is 12 units (a minimum 6 units must be upper division). PH 2000 is required.  Other acceptable lower division courses are PH 2020 and BIOL 2600. Upper division courses accepted for the minor include any course with PH designation and KINE 3118. The minor curriculum plan is based upon the student’s educational and professional goals. Students should meet with the program coordinator or faculty to develop the minor curriculum plan prior to beginning coursework.

12 units required, 6 of which must be upper division
PH 2000Introduction to Public Health3
Electives 9
Current Health Problems
Health Communication
Public Health Practices
Health Promotion and Theory
Health Equity
Community Needs Assessment and Program Planning
Health Policy
Research Methods
Special Topics
Directed Research
Individual Study
Cooperative Education
Epidemiology and Wellness
Total Units12