Psychology, BA

Social Sciences and Education (sse)

Department of Psychology

Department Chair: Amy Gancarz-Kausch

Office: Dorothy Donahoe Hall, D107

Phone: (661) 654-2363


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Program Description

Psychology can be considered from a variety of perspectives, such as

  1. a natural or biological science,
  2. a behavioral or social science,
  3. an applied or professional field, or
  4. a set of experiential or humanistic concerns.

This multi-perspective approach is best illustrated in the Mission and Goals statement of the department.

The requirements for the major expose the student to the broad range of perspectives, problems, methodologies, and bodies of knowledge found in contemporary psychology. We believe that this foundation provides for the development of relevant skills, behaviors, and attitudes necessary for diverse professional fields, especially those related to the human services.

All declared majors are expected to confer regularly with their faculty advisors to ensure that the selection of courses will be most appropriate for the student’s career goals. The goals and objectives of the BA in Psychology can be found at the department’s website.