Department of Public Policy and Administration

Business and Public Administration (bpa)

Department Chair: Chandra Commuri

Office: Business Development Center, A112

Phone: (661) 654-3406


Values, Mission, and Goal

Public Service Values
Accountability (Ethical and democratic values)
Effectiveness (Professional value)
Honesty (Ethical value)
Lawfulness (Democratic value)
Social justice (Human value)

PPA Mission Statement
The Department of Public Policy and Administration at California State University Bakersfield will foster and improve critical thinking, communication, leadership, management, and ethical reasoning for present and future managers in government, nonprofit, and health care organizations within the San Joaquin Valley. The critical skills learned from this curriculum will ensure that managers in the government, nonprofit, and health care sectors exercise governance in an inclusive and socially responsible manner.

Strategic Goals

  1. The purpose of the PPA programs is to prepare competent, ethical and effective public, nonprofit, and health care managers and leaders to advance the public service.
  2. Consistent with, and in addition to, established university academic performance and student conduct standards for undergraduates, those admitted, retained, and awarded degrees must possess and demonstrate academic and professional integrity in all activities to inspire public confidence and trust in public service. Students and applicants who violate academic integrity or professional ethical standards of behavior will be subject to the academic integrity procedures of the university. Such actions are, of course, subject to university review and appeal.
  3. Undergraduate students without experience in public service or administration are required to complete a service-learning requirement.

Learning Outcomes
The learning outcomes of the BA can be found at

About Our Alumni
Our alumni serve in a variety of prestigious capacities, both locally and nationally. They include past and present county administrative officers (CAO’s); chief executive officers (CEO’s) of hospitals, retirement centers, mass transit systems, and special economic development zones; CEO’s of nonprofit organizations; policy specialists for elected officials at the national and local levels; presidents of private industry; presidents of state-wide professional associations; as well as elected public servants at the local and state levels. Other alumni enjoy professional careers in city management, special districts, social work organizations, criminal justice organizations (law enforcement and prison management), fire and public safety, and in the rapidly growing health care professions.

Public Administration majors must obtain advising before registering for classes. For information or an appointment with the Undergraduate Program Advisor, please contact Professor R. Steven Daniels (661) 654-2318 (BDC 116A) or BPA Student Services (661) 654-2326 (BDC 123A).