Computer Science Minor

A Minor in Computer Science will require the student to take a total of at least 16 units of 2000-level or higher computer science course work as well as satisfy the following additional requirements:

Minor Requirements
CMPS 2020Programming II: Data Structures and Algorithms 14
Select one of the following:4
Discrete Structures 2
Computer Architecture I: Assembly Language Programming
Linux Environment and Administration
Web Programming I: Client -side Web Programming
Upper Division Course Work
Select at least 8 units of upper division couse work 38
Total Units16

Which requires CMPS 2010 Programming I: Programming Fundamentals or the equivalent with a grade of C- or better and one pre-calculus or calculus course with a grade of C- or better


MATH 3000 Mathematical Foundations may be substituted for CMPS 2120 Discrete Structures


At least 8 units of upper division course work in computer science (normally two-threecourses) chosen with the help of a computer science advisor. MATH 3300 Numerical Analysis, MATH 4300 Applied Cryptography, ECE 4470 Computer Vision, and ECE 4550 Applied Machine Learning may be substituted for upper division course work, since they are cross-listed with CMPS 3300 Numerical Analysis, CMPS 4300 Applied Cryptography, CMPS 4470 Computer Vision, and CMPS 4550 Applied Machine Learning respectively.