Liberal Studies, BA, General Concentration

Social Sciences and Education (sse)

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Program Description

The Liberal Studies degree requires a broad-based liberal arts experience typically undertaken as preparation for future k-8 teachers and educational specialists. With the passing of California AB-130 in July, 2021, successful completion of a Liberal Studies degree allows graduates to meet the subject matter competence required to obtain a Multiple Subject or Educational Specialist Teaching Credential in the State of California, thus granting equivalence to the Multiple Subjects CSET Exam. In addition, six of the seven Liberal Studies emphases/tracks have been approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing as an Elementary Subject Matter (ESM) Preparation Program the recommended “gold standard” for providing undergraduates the subject matter and foundational knowledge of schooling and teaching beneficial for future success as a k-8 teacher or educational specialist. The major also includes two Integrated Teacher Education Programs (ITEP): the IBEST (Multiple Subjects) and ISPED (Special Education) which allows students to complete credential programs as an undergraduate as well as Subject Matter Authorization emphases in English, Mathematics, and Science which afford successful candidates the option to teach these subject areas in grades 6-9 in the State of California in addition to pursuit of a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. Because the Liberal Studies teacher preparation emphases prepare students for a state licensed credential, requirements may be changed by state mandate at any time.

CSUB Liberal Studies Program Philosophy and Learning Objectives

The Liberal Studies Program is based on a conception of a well-educated and culturally competent person, and focuses on significant ideas, modes of inquiry, structures, and values within its various disciplines. Coursework throughout the program emphasizes the study of broad concepts and principles that encompass and illuminate the areas of human learning and what it means to be an educator within a complex, diverse, and pluralistic democracy. Although the Liberal Studies program is not designed exclusively as academic preparation for students who plan to teach in the elementary schools, it fosters deep foundational knowledge of academic subjects taught in elementary schools: language arts, reading, mathematics, science, social studies, history, the visual and performing arts, and physical education. In addition, since educators  in California serve developing young human beings from racial, ethnic, and linguistically diverse origins, students must have a deep knowledge of human development and an affirmative commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism.