Engineering, BS

Program Description

Engineering is a broad-based general engineering degree program. As such, it provides the graduate flexibility, breadth of technical knowledge, and communication skills so important in today’s rapidly changing multidisciplinary and multicultural work environment. The student may opt for a BS in Engineering with an Emphasis in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Energy and Power Engineering, Engineering Management, or Petroleum Engineering by the appropriate choice of required cognate and elective courses.

The Engineering program provides a curriculum and course of training that prepares the student not only for today’s challenges, but also for future ones in a fast-paced, global, and diverse society. The program emphasizes the fundamentals of engineering and modern methods, processes and technologies, and also gives the students the tools to learn by themselves and to pursue life-long learning. Furthermore, the program and the faculty strive to ensure that graduates also attain a global understanding of the environmental, ethical and societal impacts of the technologies they help develop.

The program offers opportunities for team-based design projects in collaboration with local industries and public institutions, thus preparing students for careers in for-profit and non-profit organizations, or to further their education in graduate school. Faculty members of the Department of Physics and Engineering will be pleased to advise any students who may wish to pursue this major. For student learning objectives and more information, visit our website at