Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minor

Department Chair: Alicia Rodriquez

Office: Humanities Office Building (HOB) 121

Phone: (661) 654-2166

Email: arodriquez@csub.edu


  1. General Studies where students create their own program of study drawing on at least two different departments;
  2. Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies;
  3. Ethnic and Area Studies.
Minor Requirements
Required Course
INST 3128Gender and Sexuality3
Arts and Humanities Courses
Select one of the following:3
Women in Visual Arts
Gender and Communication
Literature by Women of Color
Gender in Literature and Film
Women and Gender in the Modern Transatlantic World
Gender in East Asia
Sexual Ethics
Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality
Feminist Philosophy
Women, Religion and Sexuality
Women Playwrights
Social Sciences and Education
Select one of the following:3
Anthropology of Gender
Individual and Family Development in Diverse Cultures
Women and the Criminal Justice System
Victims and the Criminal Justice System
Women, Sport and Physical Activity
Women in Politics
Psychological Aspect of Human Sexuality
The Psychology of Sexual Orientation
Psychology of Women
Sex and Gender Issues
Gender and Society
Chicana Experiences
Family and Society
The Latin American Experience
The LGBTQ Experience in the U.S.
Select one of the following: 13
Gender and Diversity in Workplace
Black Feminist and Womanist Perspectives
GST 1400
GST 1410
Feminist Critiques
Women's Health
Total Units12

Select from the approved courses listed above (Arts and Humanities courses & Social Sciences and Education courses), additional courses listed below, or courses approved by director of Interdisciplinary Studies.


GST courses can be repeated for credit