Trustees of the CSU, Office of the Chancellor

 Ex Officio Trustees

The Honorable Gavin Newsom
Governor of California

The Honorable Eleni Kounalakis
Lieutenant Governor of California

The Honorable Anthony Rendon
Speaker of the Assembly

The Honorable Tony Thurmond
State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Dr. Jolene Koester 
Interim Chancellor, California State University

Officers of the Trustees

The Honorable Gavin Newsom – President

Wenda Fong – Chair

Jack B. Clarke Jr. – Vice Chair

Andrew Jones – Secretary

Steve Relyea – Treasurer

Appointed Trustees

Appointments are for a term of eight years, except student, alumni, and faculty trustees whose terms are for two years. Terms expire in the year in parentheses. Names are listed alphabetically.

Larry L. Adamson (2024)
Diana Aguilar-Cruz (2024)
Diego Arambula (2028)
Jack B. Clarke Jr. (2027)
Douglas Faigin (2025)
Jean P. Firstenberg (2026)
Wenda Fong (2024)
Leslie Gilbert-Lurie (2030)
Lillian Kimbell (2024)
Maria Linares (2023)
Julia I. Lopez (2028)
John "Jack" McGrory (2023)
Anna Ortiz-Morfit (2025)
Yammilette Rodriguez (2029)
Romey Sabalius (2023)
Lateefah Simon (2027)
Christopher J. Steinhauser (2026)
Jose Antonio Vargas (2030)

Correspondence with Trustees should be sent to:
c/o Trustees Secretariat,
The California State University
401 Golden Shore
Long Beach, California 90802-4210.

Office of the Chancellor

The California State University
401 Golden Shore
Long Beach, California 90802-4210
(562) 951-4000

Dr. Jolene Koester – Interim Chancellor

Mr. Steve Relyea – Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Andrew Jones – Executive Vice Chancellor, General Counsel

Ms. Leora D. Freeman – Vice Chancellor, Human Resources

Mr. Vlad Marinescu – Vice Chancellor and Chief Audit Officer

Dr. Nathan Evans – Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs

Dr. Dilcie Perez – Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs

Ms. Jessica Darin – Interim Chief of Staff

Ms. Michelle Kiss – Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff, Board of Trustees

Changes on Rules and Policies

Although every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the information in this catalog, students and others who use this catalog should note that laws, rules, and policies change from time to time and that these changes may alter the information contained in this publication.

Changes may come in the form of statutes enacted by the Legislature, rules and policies adopted by the Board of Trustees of the California State University, by the chancellor or designee of the California State University, or by the president or designee of the university. It is not possible in a publication of this size to include all of the rules, policies and other information that pertain to students, the institution, and the California State University. More current or complete information may be obtained from the appropriate department, school, or administrative office.

Nothing in this catalog shall be construed as, operate as, or have the effect of an abridgment or a limitation of any rights, powers, or privileges of the Board of Trustees of the California State University, the chancellor of the California State University, or the president of the university. The trustees, the chancellor, and the president are authorized by law to adopt, amend, or repeal rules and policies that apply to students. This catalog does not constitute a contract or the terms and conditions of a contract between the student and the university or the California State University. The relationship of students to the university and the California State University is one governed by statute, rules, and policy adopted by the legislature, the trustees, the chancellor, the presidents and their duly authorized designees.