Public Health, BS

Director of Health-Related Programs: Todd McBride
Faculty: Linh Bui, Andrea Lopez, Chia Thao

The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Public Health degree program is to produce graduates with current and accurate knowledge in the public health discipline who will be strong advocates for public health, and who will help to resolve current issues in public health locally and nationally, and will promote strategies for community and individual wellness.

Program Description

The B.S. in Public Health serves students who are interested in pursuing careers in the area of public health. The program prepares students to plan, implement and evaluate public health programs and to appraise a wide variety of health and human services programs related to public health issues.

Graduates of this program will be qualified for employment in areas of both public and private health and human services agencies (city, county, state, national), hospitals, schools, corporations, and nonprofit or professional public health consulting organizations. Prerequisite for the program is to be a CSUB student in good academic standing.