Geology, BA

Program Description

Geology is the study of the Earth and our neighboring planets in space, their composition, processes, and history. The degrees offered are the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of Science, and the Master of Science in Geology. A minor in Geology is also available. The curriculum includes basic courses in geology and other cognate subjects and provides for independent research, field application, and Environmental Studies, when desired.

The curriculum and courses offered in Geology stress the physical framework of the environment and its relationships to organisms and to man. The University is located in an excellent geologic area with easy access to several mountain ranges, deserts, oil fields, agricultural areas, and the Pacific Coast.

At the completion of their Geology degree programs students will have basic knowledge and understanding of the content of modern geology, will have acquired knowledge and demonstrated skills to collect and analyze Earth’s minerals and rocks, and will understand the philosophical, mathematical and physical science foundations of geology.

Graduates with degrees in Geology have excellent employment opportunities both locally and elsewhere in petroleum and minerals exploration, water resources, environmental applications, land use, and waste disposal management. The degree program also provides a strong foundation for secondary school science teaching or graduate study in geology and environmental science. Students planning on attending graduate school are advised to pursue the BS degree as the course work for this degree, particularly the cognate courses, generally represents the minimum requirements for acceptance into a graduate program, including the Master of Science program in Geology at CSUB. Visit our website at:

Requirements for Teaching Credential: Science Teacher Preparation Program Leading to a Degree in Natural Sciences, Primary Concentration in Geology

CSUB has developed a degree program, the Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences, to prepare prospective science teachers for subject matter certification in California via the California Subject Matter Examinations for Teachers (CSET) in Science. See the catalog section under Natural Sciences for information about this degree program. Additional information may be obtained from the Geological Sciences Department office (661- 654-3027).