Multiple Subjects Credential

Social Sciences and Education (sse)

Department of Teacher Education

Department Chair: Dr. Bre Evans-Santiago

Office: Education Building, 120

Phone: (661) 654-3958


DISCLAIMER: Due to ongoing and substantial changes in credential legislation and degree programs in the State of California, please check with an official School of Social Sciences and Education advisor for current information.

Program Description

The programs and services of the Teacher Education Department are directed toward the preparation of teachers who are seeking a basic California credential. The MISSION of the CSUB Department of Teacher Education is to prepare educator advocates who are leaders in their communities and invested in developing students as capable and compassionate change-agents.

Basic Preliminary Credential Programs

Multiple Subjects-SB2042 Legislation (Credentials have the English Language Learner Authorization). The Elementary Education program (Multiple Subjects) is designed for individuals who wish to have a teaching career in an elementary school. The Multiple Subjects credential authorizes the holder to teach in a multiple subject or self-contained classroom in the elementary schools.

Single Subject-SB2042 Legislation (Credential have the English Language Learner Authorization). The Secondary Education program (Single Subject) is designed for those individuals who wish to teach at the junior and high school levels.

Time Limits for Coursework

All Credential coursework must be completed within a 7-year period of time. This time limit requirement means that no more than seven (7) years may elapse between the start of the term for the earliest dated course approved for the Plan of Study and the date the application for recommendation of a credential is approved.