Japanese Minor

Arts & Humanities (ah)

Department of Modern Languages and Literature

Department Chair: William Flores

Office: Humanities Office Building (HOB), 246

Phone: (661) 654-2359


A minimum of 12 units of coursework are needed for a minor in Japanese, with language courses JPNS 1010 and JPNS 2000 required.  To complete the minor, a further 6 units of coursework is required from among the following courses: JPNS 2010 & JPNS 2011, RS 2013, HIST 3460, HIST 3470, HIST 4410, MODL 3700, MODL 3850, MODL 4820, MODL 4860. 

JPNS 1010
JPNS 1011
Japanese II
and Japanese II Lab
JPNS 2000
JPNS 2001
Japanese III
and Japanese III Lab
6 units from the following6
Japanese IV
and Japanese IV Lab
RS 2013
Pre-Modern Japan
Modern Japan
Citizenship and Civil Rights in the United States
Japan's Empire, 1895-1945
Special Topics in Language
Independent Study
Study Abroad
Language Practicum
Total Units12