Mathematics, BS, Statistics Concentration

Program Description

Mathematics is a unique and valuable science that is enjoyable and rewarding. The Department of Mathematics provides a collection of mathematics courses designed to challenge and stimulate all open minded and thoughtful students regardless of individual backgrounds or major interest areas. This is done by combining flexibility, applicability, and historical perspective in the design of the mathematics curriculum. Furthermore, depth of understanding and appreciation are not sacrificed to quantity; the major emphasis is upon inquiry, creativity, methods, techniques, and thought processes rather than bulk of material.

The classroom goal is to discover both the importance and beauty of mathematics by combining lectures with problem solving recitations, student presentations, writing assignments, computer experience, and any other workable approaches to learning. The Department of Mathematics at CSUB includes a discussion session in every 4-unit mathematics course. A student is encouraged to interpret and communicate mathematically with others, to follow self-direction and in-depth study, and to investigate the interplay of mathematical concepts. A teacher acts as a resource person, stresses the spirit and point of view of mathematics, and provides for feedback of the relative value of classroom activities.

Upon completion of any mathematics course, students are better prepared to be participants in a highly technological, scientifically complex environment. From a subjective point of view, they should have an improved grasp of the art and beauty of rational reasoning and discourse both as an observer and a participant. From an objective point of view, they should have acquired new skills which, alone or in combination with others, will enhance both an understanding of and performance in the scientific world. A detailed description of student learning goals and objectives can be found at