Electrical Engineering, BS, with Energy and Power Engineering Emphasis

Program Description

The Electrical Engineering (B.S.) program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, https://www.abet.org [abet.org], under the General Criteria and the Program Criteria for Electrical, Computer, Communications, Telecommunication(s) and Similarly Named Engineering Programs.

Electrical Engineering is a large and expanding field which is concerned with the following fundamental areas: digital signal processing, semiconductor electronics, microprocessors and embedded systems, VSLI design, cyber-physical systems, data communications, energy systems and power electronics, transmission and distribution, RF and microwave, robotics and control system design, electromechanics and mechatronics, computer networks, digital design, image processing, computer vision. If computer science can be regarded to be on the information processing side of computer engineering, then electrical engineering can be regarded to be on the side which builds upon the fundamental physical properties of electricity and magnetism. Electrical engineers often work with other engineers, physical scientists, and computer scientists.

The Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department moved into a new building in Fall 2008. The department administers its own local area network which includes multiple Unix/Linux servers, two software programming labs, a walk-in lab/tutoring center, one advanced workstation lab, an isolated network lab, an AI/visualization lab, a DSP/communications lab, one digital electronics hardware lab, a power systems/electronics lab, and a robotics/control systems lab. There is also a department library/major study room with computers available to students.

An important goal of the department is to enable students to work much more closely with faculty than they would be able to at larger universities. A detailed description of student learning goals and objectives can be found at https://www.cs.csub.edu/abet/.