Religious Studies Minor

Arts & Humanities (ah)

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Department Chair: Nate Olson

Office: Humanities Office Building (HOB), 230

Phone: (661) 654-2291


Program Maps for Arts and Humanities

Minor Requirements
Select two of the following lower division courses:6
Jesus, Buddha, and the Moral Life
Religion and Film: Screening the Sacred
A History of God
Religions of Asia
Cults in America
Anime Spirituality
Latinx Spiritualities
Exploring Religion
Select select one Upper Division course:3
Explorations in Scripture
Psychology of Religion
Sociology of Religion
Religion of Literature
Women, Religion and Sexuality
Religious Diversity in California
Interfaith Literacy and Leadership: Building Bridges
Applied Experience
The American Dream
The Holocaust and Its Impact
Religion and Human Rights
The Spiritual Quest
Special Topics
New Testament Greek
Miracles, Magic, and the Supernatural
The Meaning of Death
Religion, Ethics, and Social Justice
Philosophy of Religion
Select one of the following:3
Indigenous Religious Traditions of the Americas
Religion in America
Religion and Immigration
Total Units12