Computer Science, BS

Program Description

Computer Science is a constantly evolving discipline. To quote the Association for Computing Machinery, “Computer Science is not simply concerned with the design of computing devices-nor is it just the art of numerical calculation. Computer Science is concerned with information in much the same sense that Physics is concerned with energy; it is devoted to the representation, storage, manipulation, and presentation of information in an environment permitting automatic information systems.”

The Computer Science major at CSUB has three pathways that lead to a B.S. in Computer Science. The traditional Computer Science program follows the guidelines recommended by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). The Computer Information Systems concentration is intended for training application programmers or for those who wish to apply computer science in another discipline. The Information Security concentration is intended for students who wish to pursue a career in information assurance and security, either with government agencies or with industry. Students in the three pathways will take different advanced courses of their choice. A Computer Science minor is also offered.

The Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department moved into a new building in Fall 2008. The department administers its own local area network which includes multiple Unix/Linux servers, two software programming labs, a walk-in lab/tutoring center, one advanced workstation lab, an isolated network lab, an AI/visualization lab, a DSP/communications lab, one digital electronics hardware lab, a power systems/electronics lab, and a robotics/control systems lab. There is also a departmental library/major study room available to students.

An important goal of the department is to enable students to work much more closely with faculty than they would be able to at larger universities. A detailed description of student learning goals and objectives can be found at

Academic Regulation

A grade of C- is the minimal grade acceptable for progression in the CMPS 2010 Programming I: Programming Fundamentals and CMPS 2020 Programming II: Data Structures and Algorithms sequence.