Anthropology, BA, Concentration in Cultural Resource Management

Social Sciences and Education (sse)

Department Chair: Hager El Hadidi

Office: Dorothy Donahoe Hall, D107

Phone: (661) 654-2363


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Program Description

The program in Anthropology administers one degree, a Bachelor of Arts. Students have the option of adding the concentration in Cultural Resource Management, which is designed to enhance the field training, laboratory analysis, heritage management laws, and applied skills necessary for employment in this rapidly growing field of professional applied anthropology and historic preservation.

The Anthropology program faculty stresses a close working relationship with students and strongly encourages students to take full advantage of the many opportunities the department provides for collaborative research with faculty, student internships, and other direct collaboration of professional skills.

Mission Statement

As a university with a diverse student population that serves underrepresented segments of your society, CSUB recognizes the need for a modern university to provide a global perspective on the human condition throughout time that is firmly grounded in the natural and social sciences. The central concern of Anthropological inquiry is to understand human biological and behavioral diversity, as well as the processes by which that diversity has evolved across time and space. The core of the anthropological perspective is an evidence-based holistic perspective on the human experience, both past and present. The mission of the B.A. program in Anthropology is to provide students with a basic open-minded understanding and appreciation for the diversity of human biological and behavioral adaptations to an array of adaptive niches marked by both social and ecological components. Students will be provided with the theoretical and methodological bases necessary for analysis of anthropological data. Upon completion, students will be prepared for entry into an Anthropology graduate program and/or a career that utilizes anthropological knowledge and scientific methodologies. To accomplish this mission, the program has set forth goals and objectives for student learning.