Political Science, BA

Social Sciences and Education (sse)

Department of Political Science

Department Chair: Jeanine E. Kraybill

Office: Business Development Center, A248

Phone: (661) 654-2141

Email: cochoa@csub.edu


Program Maps for Social Sciences and Education

Political Science majors should check the Political Science Department’s webpage for current and future class schedules, course syllabi, department updates and news, important deadlines, and internship/career opportunities at CSUB. You can also find The Political Science Department on Facebook: PLSI at CSUB and on Instagram: csubpoliscidept.

Program Mission

The Department of Political Science endeavors to develop in its graduates an understanding of how political systems operate as well as with what consequences, and with what alternatives these systems contend. The primary focus is on inculcating analytical and critical habits of thinking - habits that will be beneficial to society irrespective of professional choices. The Department is oriented toward assisting students who are preparing to go to graduate school, law school or for careers in the public sector and non-profit service. In the process, we hope to create a body of students and citizens who are informed, who have the intellectual skills, and who are also cognizant of humanistic values. The Department, in line with the values of the social sciences, seeks to engender a student body that is aware of the social and political structure within which we live – thus fulfilling the University’s mission and goals for the general education of our undergraduate students.

For more information on our Mission Statement and our Student Learning Outcomes, please visit our Department’s Homepage.