Environmental Sustainability Minor

Requirements for the Minor in Environmental Sustainability (12 units)

Must select one course from four out of the five categories outlined below.

1. A&H Environmental Justice/Ethics/Ecological Footprints and Human Lifestyle
PHIL 3358Philosophy, Technology and Our Future3
PHIL 3368Environmental Philosophy3
RS 3538Religion and Human Rights3
RS 4528Religion, Ethics, and Social Justice3
2. NSME Scientific Aspects related to Sustainability
BIOL 1009Perspectives in Biology3
BIOL 3210Human Ecology3
GEOL 1209Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Natural Disasters3
GEOL 2020Introduction to Environmental Science4
GEOL 2030Introduction to Oceanography4
GEOL 2050Introduction to Soil Science4
GEOL 2310Introduction to Earth Science2
GEOL 3011Natural History of National Parks4
GEOL 3329
GEOL 3339Dinosaurs: Paleoecology, Evolution and Extinction3
GEOL 4050GIS for Natural Sciences4
GEOL 4150Applied GIS4
SCI 30093
SCI 3129Environmental Chemistry and Sustainability3
SCI 3319
CHEM 3500Concepts of Food Analysis4
ENGR 1628Introduction to Engineering II2
​​​​​​​3. SS&E, A&H Historical and Social Science Components related to Sustainability
ANTH 2508
ANTH 3318Peoples of Mexico3
ANTH 3340People and the Environment3
ANTH 3320Native Peoples of California3
ANTH 4100Cultural Resource Management3
PLSI 3648Food Politics and Policy3
PLSI 3470Environmental Politics3
PPA 4690Urban Planning & Public Policy3
PSYC 2648Living the Green Life3
PSYC 3648Environmental Psychology3
SOC 4008Society and the Natural Environment3
HIST 3258The American Environment3
HIST 4528Plagues and Public Health: Epidemiology and Society since 18003

4. SS&E, A&H Importance of Education, Communication, Literature to promote Sustainability
ENGL 3268Writing Nature: Literature and the Environment3
COMM 3089Communication and the Environment3
5. BPA Environmental Politics and Economic Development in the Anthropocene
AGBS 3520Economics of Agriculture and Natural Resources3
ECON 3418Energy Economics and Policy3
ECON 3508Environmental Economics3
ECON 3418Energy Economics and Policy3
ERM 4110Environmental Law I3