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Arts & Humanities (ah)

Department of History

Department Chair: Douglas Dodd

Office: Humanities Office Building (HOB), 131

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Program Maps for Arts and Humanities

The minimum requirements for a History minor are four courses totaling 12 semester units; three of these courses (9 semester units) must be upper division and may come from any of the following Regions: Americas, Asian World, Transatlantic World, Mediterranean World, Europe, Africa/Middle East.

Colonial North America 1492-1776
Revolutionary America 1750-1828
The Civil War Era, 1828-1877
The Gilded Age and the Progressive Era 1877-1917
Twentieth-Century America
The American South
American Indian History
The American West
California History
The American Environment
History of the American Borderlands
Sports History in the Americas
HIST 3280
Revolutions in Latin America
Ancient and Colonial Mexico
Modern Mexico
Muslim Societies in American History, 1539-2008
Citizenship and Civil Rights in the United States
Mexican-American History
African-American History
Slavery in North America
Asian World
Pre-Modern Japan
Modern Japan
Pre-Modern China
Modern China
Gender in East Asia
Japan's Empire, 1895-1945
Nationalism in Modern Pacific Asia
The Cold War in Asia
Afro-Asianism: Anti-Racism in Global History
Transatlantic World
Mexican-European Connections, 1821-1982
Revolutions in Atlantic World
Women and Gender in the Modern Transatlantic World
Science, Medicine, and Empire in the Atlantic World
Fascism and Populism in Europe and the Americas
Mediterranean World
The World of the Ancient Greeks
Building an Empire: A History of Rome
Pagans and Christians in the Roman World
The Renaissance
The Transformation of Europe: The Medieval West from 200 to 1300 CE
The European Reformations
Tudor-Stuart England
Britain and Ireland Since 1750
Europe, 1815-1914
Europe Since 1914
Twentieth-Century Spain
Rise and Fall of Soviet Empire, 1917-91
HIST 3600
The History of European Empires 1500-2000
Plagues and Public Health: Epidemiology and Society since 1800
Africa/Middle East
The Rise of Islamic Civilization, 570-1258
Science, Technology, and Engineering in Islamic History, 758-1406
African Decolonization, 1922-1994
Health and Medicine in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa
The Ottoman Empire, 1452-1923
Muslim Societies in African History, 570-1918